Hello, my name is Crystal Jack (yes, that is my real name). Welcome to my humble www corner. Here you will catch a glimpse of the digital me as well as examples of what I have to offer clients and collaborators. 


Simply put, I work with people to creatively problem solve using solid research, cleverly crafted words, fresh design, tireless production and precise execution. The end result? Solutions that meet (and often surpass) project objectives while remaining true to the original motivation and voice behind said goals. 


My portfolio shares the specifics of some of my recent projects. I have also snuck in some original artwork and photographs for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy the site. Please drop me a line with any questions, comments and/or interesting opportunities. 

What I do

I was born in the 80s to a poetic mom and a deputy sheriff dad and learned to embrace the polarities of life from an early age. I am one of six kids and take ranks among the elders. We moved a lot growing up - something I learned to love in later years, like green olives and jazz. My journal became my closest friend through it all, and thus a writer was born. <Insert 90s American childhood montage>


My early post-university years were spent climbing the creative corporate ladder in Los Angeles, working for advertising and web design agencies. Several years in, I was struck by love, bitten by the travel bug and took to the open road. I continued to freelance during those glorious vagabonding years, honing my craft and appreciating the madness of it all. London is now officially my new home (thank you, UK Immigration Office) and I am excited to be contributing to the creative brilliance of this world-class city. 

A bit of backstory

Facts of (my) life

1:  My nose itches when I floss my teeth.

2:  I cycled a push bike from Quepos, Costa Rica to Tulum, Mexico.

3:  To celebrate graduating high school, I jumped out of a plane in Perris Valley with my brother. 

4:  70s Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal. 

5:  If there is an option between odd and even, I will pick odd. 

6:  My Great Great Grandpa Mads Albert Madsen was Captain of a tall ship called the John Ena.

7:  I am the proud owner of a 1973 Airstream Land Yacht named Coco.   

8:  My mom named me after an American country music legend named Crystal Gayle. 

9: Taurus sun, Pisces moon, Cancer rising.